Friday, March 13, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 9: 'Every Man and Woman Over the Age of 15'

I can't recall if this was ever mentioned on Battlestar Galactica before, but in tonight's Final Episode 9, adulthood on Battlestar Galactica was clearly defined as "every man and woman over the age of 15". This makes sense, given the shortage of adults, and all human beings, in that desperate age. And, actually, I think it makes some sense in our age, too - as does Dennis Kucinich, who said at the Democratic Presidential in Dartmouth in September 2007 that the voting age should be lowered to 16 (I think it should be lowered to 14).

But back on Galactica - there's a last call to arms, as Adama realizes that Hera the hybrid needs to be rescued from the Cavil Cylonic Cabal. We'll see the result of that next week, in what promises to be a breathtaking, maybe heartbreaking, two-hour series finale.

Tonight, it was refreshing to see a lot of Caprica before the fall. Everyone was happy except Laura, who suffered the loss of her sisters and father in a car crash. But Baltar and Six looked good together, even if Baltar was not yet committed to their relationship, and it was good to see Kara and Zack get a visit from Lee.

The obvious point that Caprica before the fall was in no way different from our current world was never more clear. No way different, of course, other than that there were Cylons among them, and just over the horizon.

But that world is gone, and the world of Battlestar Galactica will soon be, too, and we're due to find out the "truth" as the teasers say, as well as what the new world will be, next Friday.

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