Monday, March 30, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 16: Prions and Posses

Another top-notch sizzling hour of 24 - Season 7 Hour 16 - tonight, with a big twist that I guessed (but that's ok) and some bad news which I know will be ok, and I'll explain why.

First, the bad news - Jack's been infected with the mad-cow disease prion pathogen. He's still not showing any symptoms, but coming attractions for next week show him collapsing. I predict he'll be ok - 24 won't kill off Jack Bauer - but not before he's in pretty bad shape, and we'll probably see Kim again. But he'll survive, and I think this will be the way: Jack was in Sengala, where the pathogen was developed. He was exposed there to a little of it, and developed some antibodies, and those will kick in at the last moment. (I know the prion isn't a bacterium, but, hey, we don't really know how our bodies might react to some slight, initial exposure - maybe we can build up some kind of immunity.) In any case, though, and for whatever reasons, Jack will survive.

Now the twist: Hodges' man Seton kills the guard who's about to kill Tony, and tells Tony he thinks Hodges has gone too far, and must be stopped. The whole ensuing government attack on Starkwood is based on this information, and on Seton's precise identification of where the WMD is being held and prepped - which turns out to be false. Of course, it was - with eight hours to go, getting the bad guys couldn't have been that easy. And we were given a few good clues - mainly, that Hodges didn't seem too worried when he was told the FBI attack force was just a few minutes away.

Other good beats in Hour 16: President Taylor is willing to send in the Navy Seals, even though it violates the posse comitatus prohibition about U.S. military deployed as a police force on domestic soil (without a court order). Given the imminence and immensity of the threat, that was the right call.

And, it was good to see Renee moving closer to Jack. She thinks that Jack did the right with the security guard last week, and is deeply affected when she learns Jack has been infected....

Eight hours to go!

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