Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost 5.9: Two Times and a Baby

You gotta hand it to Lost - I certainly do. Tonight's episode 5.9 was as different from the earlier Los Angeles based story this season as Los Angeles was to the island episodes of the past seasons, and tonight's all-island episode was another complex gem. What we really having going on are three distinct epics of Lost - the original island and flashbacks, the Los Angeles and island and flashforwards, and now just the island, in two different times.

The feel and flavor is appropriately different. We're in 1977 Dharma ville, and Sawyer is head of security, living and in love with Juliet. Jack and Kate and Hurley would have a hard time surviving, without Sawyer figuring out how to integrate them. But the result is demoting Jack to a position far inferior to Sawyer's. He and Jack have a confrontation of sorts tonight, and it's clear that Sawyer has no intention of ceding any authority, even secret authority, to Jack. Another fine Lost conversation.

The biggest question that emerged tonight is why Sun, Ben, Frank the pilot and most of the passengers of the newly crashed plane did not go back in time - in contrast to Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid, who did. That splitting of the passengers has to have some explanation that provides keys to the deeper mysteries.

And the biggest threat is coming, once again, from Ben. Not Ben as adult, smacked in the head by Sun with a shovel in the present. No, the threat is coming from Ben as a boy in 1977. He brings Sayid a sandwich in Dharma town, but the real message he's carrying - for us, the viewers - is that he will soon wipe out Dharma in an alliance with Richard.

When will that happen? Hard, exactly, to say. But Horace and Amy's baby - now identified as Ethan (we knew the baby would have to someone significant) - presumably has to first grow up a little ... Unless someone saves him...

Of course, he'll be killed in the much later future, anyway (by Charlie), just as Radzinzky, whom we met tonight (great to see the younger versions of these characters), will commit suicide. One other thing about Lost - a least, according to Faraday (presumably also still in 1977, though who knows where) - is that nothing can be changed. Unless...

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