Monday, March 16, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 14: Kicks to the Solar Plexus Surprises

Whew ... Anyone who thinks 24 hasn't come back must be in a coma ... I'm flat out saying that if this isn't the best season of 24 so far, it's moving at lightning, pounding speed close to it. Hour 14 - after some incredible hours of the White House under attack - and we're still being dealt surprises like kicks to the solar plexus.

Tonight's was Senator Mayer, Jack's mealy-mouthed inquisitor in the Senate hearings. He was deriding Jack even as the White House was under siege, and both were held hostage. Jack arrives at the Senator's home tonight, to get some clue as to who is behind the White House attacks and who knows what else. Turns out it's a Blackwater-like organization (another rebuke to those who still think that 24 = George W. Bush). Jack and the Senator talk. A great scene in which Jack says the thing he most regrets is that the world requires people like him... Jack lays out what he knows of the still impending danger. And does the Senator believe enough of Jack to help? There's a knock on the door. It's the police ... Jack has to think quick. The Senator says let me help you.

And Jack believes the Senator ... amazing enough. The Senator opens the door - and is shot dead by the black-op, Voight operative who killed Ryan Burnett last week.

I didn't see that coming - a much appreciated rarity for me.

Other good stuff tonight: Did the President's daughter leak info to the press to hurt Ethan? She seems pretty convincing that she did not - I'm about 50/50. And Larry Moss, ace ass, has had Renee locked up, and pressures Morris O'Brian (if he wants to help Chloe) to help the FBI find Bauer.

Morris caves, as he did last year ... Morris, Morris ... well he loves his wife and child, so it's hard to be too angry at him ... But by telling the FBI where Jack was, which led to the FBI putting out an APB on Jack, which the Senator's assassin was able to hear, Morris was responsible for the Senator's murder...

If you're in the market for adrenalin, you can't get any better than this story... (I still think Janis is up to something no good.)

And speaking of Jon Voight, a heart-chilling stone cold villain on 24 if ever there was one, here's something you may enjoy ...

Hal Ashby interviews JON VOIGHT

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
10:00 PM to 12:00 AM EDT


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