Monday, March 23, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 15: Broken Rules and Bio Weapons

Hour 15 of Season 7 of 24 brought some more great action, and significant developments for Jack -

1. He's been exposed to the bio weapon - is he infected? No way they'll kill Jack ...

2. Jack also - likely under the beneficial influence of what happened previously with Renee and Dubaku's girlfriend - breaks his own rules, and backs up someone when the better move would have been to focus on the mission of getting the bio weapons away from the bad guys. Tony tries to talk him out of it. I'll be glad, if Tony doesn't pay for it.

3. But Tony's captured, and in the custody of Hodges' (Jon Voight's) Starkwood (Blackwater). We know Tony won't break - but how will he break out?

4. One positive development is Moss is apparently believing Jack - evidence at the late Senator Mayer's home, and when the CDC team arrives, they'll confirm that Jack's been exposed to the WMD.

I'm still bothered by the fact that no one other than Renee seems to remember that there may be another terrorist attack. But they'll recall soon enough.... Meanwhile, the President's daughter is cutthroat indeed, Ethan (one of those who should be recalling the country's still in danger) is out, the First Gentlemen is surviving, and let's get Chloe back in action!

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