Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heroes Shades of Recalibration

Heroes continues to recalibrate nicely with Episode 3.19, moving from a tableau of strange wonder to almost a version of 24, with heroes in shades of black, white, and gray ("Shades of Gray" is the title of this episode) rather than Jack Bauer.

The grayist of the heroes - in terms of moral ambiguity - is Nathan. Last night he saved Matt, worked to overthrow Danko, and even flew Claire to safety by the end of the episode. He's well on his way to fully leaving the dark side of power.

Danko is not gray - he's about as black ops as they come, whatever Federal legitimacy he may have. Unfortunately, Nathan's move to get rid of Danko not only did not succeed, but led to Danko's outing Nathan via throwing him out the window, and forcing him to fly.

HRG is not that gray, either. He's refreshingly good - and his access to Danko may be one of the best cards the good guys have.

But back to gray, the Puppet Master may be showing some signs of decency - though maybe not, given his expression in his last scene - and Sylar is certainly moving down a less destructive path. He even stops short of outrightly killing his father, who definitely deserves it.

So where do we stand as Heroes goes into a little break? Nathan's back with the good guys - in fact, maybe better than he's ever been before. HRG is also about as good as he's been. But our own government - well, we might be moving into some real bad guy territory ... something Jack Bauer would be very used to...

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