Friday, March 6, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 8: Father of a Million

The main story in tonight's Final 8th Episode of Battlestar Galactica, including the last scene, was the Admiral saying goodbye to his ship. There was also a good scene between Laura and Adama, in which she urges him to save what he can of the people on the ship, including the two of them, by abandoning it to yawning cosmos...

Which he does.

But there were at least four other elements that I found even more impressive in tonight's tale -

1. Ellen consoling and strengthening Tigh by reminding him that he's fathered a million children over the millennia. That one line tells us almost all we need to know about the long Cylon perspective on life and the universe. It may be even more impressive than the resurrections.

2. The Eights - Sharon, Athena - continue to be right on the cusp, truly schizophrenic Cylons in terms of good and evil, us and them. The models themselves have split - witness Sharon (bad) and Athena (good) - but in this episode Sharon herself moves from kidnapper to surrogate mother of Hera. By the time the hybrid child is delivered to Cavil, Sharon is crying as many real tears as Athena...

3. And speaking of hybrids, Sam has turned into one, and for a while is almost running Galactica. Dangerous business.

4. Because after he's disconnected from the ship, Starbuck starts him up again, just by talking to him, and we still don't know how it is that Starbuck died but is still, apparently alive...

Life and death battle as Battlestar Galactica tragi-majestically comes to an end...

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