Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Life of Riley

Catching up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox, and reporting on Episode 2.18, the first of a two-part story, and excellent indeed.

The big news, that sets all of kinds of dangerous things into motion, is that Riley is dead. Jesse's killed her - in partial self-defense - and I gotta say that Jesse's becoming more and more of a villain. She lies to everyone, was mercilessly manipulating Riley, and when the two started fighting, and Riley was getting the upper hand, Jesse point blank shoots her. I'd have had a little more respect for Jesse if the gun had gone off while the two were struggling. (I suppose other viewers might take something else out of this scene - Riley was hitting Jesse with some kind of weapon, and I suppose she could have desperately been thinking her life was in danger, but was still wrong for manipulating Riley in the first place.)

Meanwhile, Sarah suspects that Cameron killed Riley. John's not sure, and in the last scenes he examines Riley's hands in the morgue, and no doubt sees the signs of struggle - a struggle that Riley almost certainly would not have had against the metal Cameron.

But Cameron, unsure of her own wiring, has given John a way to instantly kill her...

So the stakes are high indeed as we wait for Part 2 next week.

There's also a good back story which tells us how Jesse in a submarine confronted Skynet - making her a little more sympathetic. There's a possibility for some interesting time travel loops here, if future Jesse tries to warn Jesse in the past....

But here's my prediction: Derek's going to find out the truth about Jesse - what she did to Riley, and how's trying to control John's actions. He'll confront her, they'll fight, and he'll do to Jesse what she did to Riley...

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