Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heroes: All that Shape-Changes Remains the Same?

Episode 3.21 of Heroes last night ... featuring all four Petrillis in two threads, and Danko and Sylar in another.

All three were compelling, but the Danko and Sylar was the most surprising, and carried the important lesson that true evil cannot easily outgrow itself - that is, if Sylar isn't carrying out some sort of complex deception...

As it is, we see Sylar and Danko first clashing, but then joining forces to bring down a shape shifter. Sylar outwits the shape shifter, and ends up (of course) taking his powers. Even more important, Sylar seems to be joining Danko in the campaign to eradicate all the heroes. Will the contest then come down, in the end, to Sylar vs. Danko?

Likely not, since Sylar and Danko, powerful as they are, won't succeed. Mama Petrilli is drawing her family together, and Nathan and Claire are about as close as they've ever been.

Not to mention that Hiro has regained at least one of his powers, and there's still the third Ali Larter sister out there somewhere.

It's been a good season for Heroes - a lot better than last year's - and it will be fun to see how it's wrapped up...

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