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Sunday, March 22, 2009

French Review (with English Translation) of Twice Upon a Rhyme

Here's a French review of my 1972 album (2008 CD Korean re-issue) Twice Upon a Rhyme ... in The Strange Experience of Music ... with mp3s of 4 songs from the album.

Don't read French? Here's my daughter's translation -

Praised by a circle of initiates, Twice Upon A Rhyme profits at last from a reissue, worthy of its status as "hidden treasure." Having at our disposal until now a digital version with sound quality more than average, this production, signed by the Beatball label, is irrefutable proof that a music-lover should not be satisfied with a rip made at home.

Written and recorded between 1969 and 1971, Twice Upon A Rhyme saw the light of day in 1972 on the label HappySad Records, founded by Paul and Ed Fox. Only distributed in the country of Uncle Nixon, the album limited itself to secret sales.

It is only 40 years later that the album is reborn from its ashes with the dithyrambic column of a Japanese journalist in the magazine Record Collector (Japanese edition). The most attentive readers immediately put themselves on his trail and word of mouth quickly overtook the borders of the empire of the rising sun.

Paul Levinson is today a professor and a writer, without doubt he was the first one surprised by this buzz around his album. But how to resist his songwriting at the same time twisted and jingle-jangled, his tightrope walker's interpretation, and his universe so unique. An album to discover or rediscover.

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Anonymous said...

Now how did I miss out on this album, Paul, with my extensive import collection (Lance can tell you about that).

Now I'll have to check with my music supplier to see if he can get a copy for me!!!


Paul Levinson said...

:) You can get the CD reissue right here.