Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sarah Connor vs. Death in Two Forms

In the Terminator 3 movie, we learn that Sarah Connor died of cancer (leukemia) in 1997 (after the original Judgment Day). In Episode 1.2 of the alternate-timeline current television series, Cameron tells Sarah that she died of cancer in 2005 - Sarah, John, and Cameron have time leaped from 1999 to 2007...

Episode 2.20 focuses, in part, on whether Sarah has not only leaped past her death, but left it in the past. Her body, in the first place, succumbed to cancer. But perhaps the trip through time changed something in her bio-chemistry, some subtle change in her generation of cells which bypassed the cancer. Her stress level has certainly been high after the time jump, but it was high before. No difference there. But could there have been some healing effect in the time travel itself...

Sarah discovers a lump in her breast. This brings her closer to Charley Dixon - Sarah has brought John there for some safety - but the lump turns out to be a tracking device...

Which brings us and the story back to the death that hunts not only Sarah, but John, Cameron, Derek, and everyone trying to stop Skynet, every minute. Charley once again becomes part of this fight. He heroically fights off of a Terminator attack long enough to save John...

Two more episodes left in Season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and it's getting better with every episode.

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