Friday, March 31, 2017

Colony 2.12: The List

An excellent Colony 2.12 - I'm liking this season much more than the first - which ends with two notable revelations:

1. Will and Broussard both seem to be on a list of humans the drones refrain from killing, even though by all logic (of the aliens) they should.   Why are they on this list?  Who - or what - put them there?  Here are some possibilities -
  1. Some action of Will and Broussard exempted them from drone execution. Since Broussard called them in, maybe that's the action (I can't recall what Will did before the drone looked him over and left without doing any damage).  But, I don't know, that doesn't feel to me like the reason.
  2. Snyder would be a logical person to protect them both.  We've already seen him save Bram, and he has a somewhat hidden agenda of what he really wants, and that could include Broussard alive to get something accomplished that Snyder wants done.  But I don't think Snyder has that kind of control over the drones.
  3. So we're left here with a real - and important - mystery.
2. We learn at the very end that the invaders want LA totally "rendered" - i.e., destroyed.  Here are some of the ways that that order could play out -
  1. Our heroes somehow stop that order.  That would be fun to see, but I don't think they have that power.
  2. One of the humans in semi-power moves to belay that order.  Helena would be the most likely. But she doesn't seem to have that kind of power, either.
  3. LA is either totally or in part destroyed.  This would make for a different - and in many ways more profound and exciting - next season.  I don't want to see LA destroyed, but I think it's the most logical possibility at this point.
If the total render order is enacted, will Will and Broussard still be protected?  How about Will's family?

Questions I'd like to see answered - and we still don't know if there will be a third season.

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