Friday, March 10, 2017

Colony 2.9: Together Again

No more info about the invaders, but a strong episode 2.9 of Colony tonight, anyway.

The best scene was Katie and Broussard shooting up the red hats who were holding the three kids hostage.   Good to see them working and killing stooges together, especially on behalf of such a good cause.  When Broussard earlier says "of course" to Katie's plea to help free the kids, he means it.

Second best scene was Will gutting that despicable former IA guy with the broken bottle.  Not that I especially like seeing that kind of gore, but I'm definitely up for seeing the last of that guy.  I'm hoping he doesn't recover from his wounds.

And the overall story, with which the episode begins and ends, promises some strong turns ahead, too.  The real war is coming, she says.   I certainly hope so.  A narrative like Colony deserves a bigger tableau.

The last few episodes have done well in setting this up.   The family was reunited at last in last week's show, separated at the point of guns this week, but reunited again in the end.   The Bowmans have never been stronger.

But I'd still like to know a little more about the invaders.  Actually, a lot more.  For some reason, Colony has played this part of the story very close to the chest, disclosing just a bit about the attack from space, and the state of Earth in the aftermath, with the action focused on a very narrow slice of the occupation.   I'm looking forward to more in the next few weeks.

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