Monday, March 20, 2017

Black Sails 4.8: Flint vs. Long John

Well, so it's come to this, in episode 4.8, and just two remaining for Black Sails: Flint versus Long John.  In general, not surprising, as the whole series has been building up to this.  But still very good to see.

For Flint, it's about money and the revolution that he sees.  For Long John, it's about love.  The reasons almost don't matter.   It's the upcoming confrontation that counts.

Long John's men clearly have the upper hand, fight-wise.  On the other hand, no one can strategize as well as Flint. I'm putting my money on Flint, of course, with Robert Louis Stevenson's novel in my pocket.  And that says Long John will survive, as well.

But, again, the single most interesting scene was in the snow, up in a faraway Philadelphia.  Max and Ann on a bench, with the snow falling softly around them.  And Max telling Ann, in effect, how much she loves her.  And the two holding hands, and Ann not pulling away, as she had earlier.

This leaves Rackham odd-man-out, and indeed, as a real person in history, we know what happened to him.  If we want Ann, another real person, to have some happiness, Max will be the way in the story that continues after the series ends.

In addition to the snow, the scenery on Skull Island was just right and lush and foreboding.  Easy on the eyes, intriguing to the soul, much like Black Sails.

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