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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Americans 5.2: Stan and Oleg

A good Americans 5.2 tonight, in which Stan stands up for Oleg, the Soviet agent who worked with Stan (unsuccessfully) to save Nina and (successfully) to stop the spread (last year) of the deadly pathogen.

Stan was always a pretty good guy, but he was never more eloquent when he was arguing that our CIA should leave Oleg alone back in Moscow.  He made that point to everyone who would listen, but apparently didn't succeed.  But it was heartening to see Stan make the argument for human decency, which is always in short supply, and especially so when the Cold War was raging.

We do see Oleg approached by someone who mentions Stan's name in Moscow.  The question is whether that someone is trying to warn Oleg on Stan's behalf, or someone from the CIA using Stan's name as the beginning of blackmailing Oleg.  We'll find out in the weeks ahead.

The other big story is the continuing and escalating romance between Paige and Matthew.  Here, I've got to say, as I've thinking for just about every episode of this excellent series, that it's crazy to the point of preposterous that Philip and Elizabeth would be living, and continue to live, right across the street from an FBI agent.   They should and would have moved across town.  That, in itself, continuing to live where they are, is far more risky than whatever is going on with Paige and Matthew.

Indeed, is that restaurant that Stan's partner told him to take the gym lady out to ... is it the same restaurant where we saw Philip and Elizabeth enjoying dinner with their Soviet emigre marks tonight?  The point is that when you live next door to an FBI agent, and are Soviet agents yourselves, every time you go out you run the risk of being seen and discovered, however good your disguises.

Well, at least it will be harrowing fun to see what happens.

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