Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Black Sails 4.6: Spanish Horsemen with Lances

The best scene in the powerful, game-changing, battle-packed Black Sails 4.6 was the Spanish horsemen with lances attacking Long John's encampment.   You think of lances as the Middle Ages, and Black Sails takes place in the 1700s, so the scene was surprising but historically accurate - the best kind of scene in an historical drama.

And the human drama in all of this was at its peak.  Eleanor's death was also a shocker, but karmic repayment both for her betrayal of Vane and for her husband's brutality and inviting the Spanish to scourge "his" island of the pirates.   That's a lot of bad karma to repay.  But I still felt a little bad for Eleanor as she ferociously defended herself, and then died on the sand in Flynt's arms.

Madi was a different matter.  She deserved nothing other than to live a happy life with Long John Silver.   Her death was mercifully quick, but far more unacceptable than Eleanor's, bringing exquisite grief to good people like Long John and the Maroon Queen.

In a crucial scene near the end of the episode, Long John tells Flynt that he doesn't blame him for Madi's death.  Flynt made a tough call - had he not gone after the Spaniards, they would have indeed brought an unstoppable force back to the house.  But by leaving Eleanor and Madi without his protection, he understandably feels guilty about their deaths,

What's left of the pirates (probably including even Billy) will now be united against Woodes Rogers. Max's plan to enlist Eleanor's grandfather can give them the requisite numbers to beat the Spanish. Black Sails is ending with a bang.

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