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Monday, March 6, 2017

Homeland 6.7: The Arch Villain

He was never a likable character in any scenario or season.   But last night, in Homeland 6.7, Dar Adal showed just how despicable he could be, as the man behind not one but two atrocious acts.

I guess the slightly lesser of the two is what he's doing and trying to do to Peter. He has him kidnapped, held hostage by a German agent (she's at least more attractive than Dar, though that's not hard), and just for good measure tells Peter that Carrie has been helping him not out of love or even affection, but guilt for bringing him out of his coma too soon on behalf of the mission last year.  Of course, Dar neglected to tell Peter that Carrie also risked her life and broke rank repeatedly to save Peter.   My guess is Peter will found out the truth, sooner or later, and make Dar pay for lying to him. At least, that's my hope.

But even worse is what Dar is doing directly against Carrie, enlisting a soulless child welfare woman to get Franny away from Carrie.  This woman is herself a kind of monster, figuratively prostituting herself and her profession to get Carrie's daughter committed.  But since Dar was behind it, the prize for worst human being in these events goes to him.

And, actually, the list of soulless losers didn't stop with Dar or that woman last night.  The President-elect, who until now has seemed to be fairly good, gave a dismal accounting of herself by not coming to Carrie's aid when she called the President-elect, desperate to get some help in keeping her daughter.

But back to Dar, he also lies to Saul, and puts him through some paces, too.   I'm looking forward to Saul and Carrie and Peter putting Dar out of his misery before the season is over.

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