Monday, March 13, 2017

Black Sails 4.7: Jack Rackham and Fake News

Another really excellent Black Sails last night - 4.7 - with my favorite part being Jack Rackham giving a little exposition on fake news in newspapers versus truth in books, in Philadelphia.

It was great to see the Caribbean pirate in Philadelphia anyway, coping with the cold and snow on the ground, on a mission to see Eleanor's grandfather.  But his denunciation of false stories about his friend Charles Vane to a wide-eyed young woman, and her response that the truth is less captivating, was just perfect.

Also in Philadelphia, the revelation that Eleanor's grandmother wields the power was a good twist, and consistent with the ease of power exercised by her granddaughter.  And it also sets one of the powerful pieces against Flint, with Rackham off to kill him against all odds.  History says Rackham won't survive and Stevenson says Flint will, but you never know.

And Rackham is just one of the big players now suddenly arising in an alliance against Flynt.  Billy and Rogers are now working to together towards this end, and even Long John could (but likely won't) pivot away from Flynt.  Madi surviving has changed Long John again (a reader pointed out to me that in Treasure Island, Long John is said to be married to a woman of "color," so it looks like Stevenson's story holds sway again as a postscript to Black Sails).  As we see in coming attractions, if Flynt's plan to rescue Madi doesn''t succeed, then Billy's plan to use Madi to divide Flynt and Long John may well pay off.  (But there was something thrilling in hearing Flynt talk about "sacking Boston," wasn't there?  Or maybe that's just me as a New York Yankee fan talking.)

But back to Jack - that kiss he gave Ann sure looked final, didn't it?  I hope not, but ...

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