Tuesday, March 21, 2017

24 Legacy 1.8: Terrorists vs. the Hood

Another excellent, adrenalin-pumping episode of 24 Legacy tonight - 1.8 - with a great fight between the terrorists and Isaac's gang in the hood.  It was especially satisfying because Isaac's people were winning, until--

Everyone had to vacate the scene because of a government attack designed to obliterate the place. This is a classic 24 move:  whether it's Jack Bauer or Eric Carter, they're always fighting with an eye over their shoulder to make sure the government didn't order a devastating strike.  That's because the dummies who order the strike never have enough confidence in the people on the ground - like Jack or Eric.

I guess, this time, the government's order was understandable - the George Washington Bridge had just been hit and hundreds of innocent lives lost.  But the brass should have a least listened to Keith when he called them back and pleaded with them to call off the attack.

Well, the good news so far is that no one really important died tonight.  Which is interesting, because previously this season/day, all sorts of important characters in 24 Legacy on both sides have died, including Ben and Amira, right? But not tonight.  Lots of major characters were badly wounded - including Isaac and Andy - but it looks as if they'll live.  And I'm glad, because they're both good characters.   But did I also see that creep who was leading the terrorists surviving and being interrogated next week?   That's a little too much survival.

And speaking of interrogation, what's with Henry Donovan?  How was he able to stand up to the interrogation aka torture that Tony was dishing out?  This makes Henry an even more interesting character - even as it puts pressure on 24 Legacy to explain what's going on.

But that's what 24 in all its forms has always been about - if not grace under pressure, certainly heroism and quick and on-target decisions under pressure.  And I'll be back with more next week.

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