Monday, March 13, 2017

Time after Time 1.3: The Red Heads

A strong third episode of Time after Time last night (the first two debuted back to back last week), which furthered the mystery, mostly due to two or three redheads.

One was the bearded guy we saw following H. G. and Jack the Ripper in contemporary New York last week.  He visits his elderly mother this week, says Wells and the Ripper are in New York as she said they would be, and goes off to kill Wells.  Fortunately for the fictional inventor and real-life author, unfortunately for this narrative (at least, as of now), he gets killed by one of Wells' great-great granddaughter Vanessa's body guards, before we have a chance to find out more. As Vanessa later says when Wells muses that maybe he met the redhead in Wells' future and redhead's past, that doesn't tell us anything about why the guy wanted to kill Wells.

But there's another redhead -  a neurologist well played by Hell on Wheels' Jennifer Ferrin - who's also in some way a part of this.  She knocks Jack the Ripper out with an injection just as he's about to stab her after the two have a great sex, and it turns out she knows more or less or who knows exactly what about what's going on, too.

And, just for good measure, Vanessa's boyfriend Griffin also knows about H. G. Wells and his time machine and who knows what else, after feigning shock when Vanessa brings him in to see Wells demo the repaired machine.  He, Griffin, has reddish hair, too, right?  Well, Will Chase did play Luke Wheeler on Nashville, and he's running for Senator in Time after Time, so he has that going for him and a lot of potential in this story.

And where does that leave us?  With a lot of simmering leads and possibilities, with all kinds of characters in New York in 2017 with knowledge of Wells and his time machine.  Who are these people?  Are they all connected in some way?  What and how do they know about Wells and time travel?  I'm looking forward to being surprised and amazed.

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not only H. G. Wells but Orson Welles in this tale

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