Tuesday, March 28, 2017

24 Legacy 1.9: The Personal

Classic 24 had certain reliably powerful tropes to ramp up the tension and action. Kidnapping a major governmental official, attacking CTU headquarters, were prominent in this 24 playbook.  Both put in an appearance tonight in 24 Legacy 1.9.

And the execution was good, in a plot in which both events are connected.   John is coming in to CTU to see and make up with his wife Rebecca.  His father had admitted working with the terrorists (though for reasons still unclear - to help John win the election, by seeming strong after terrorist attacks?).  But Naseri, the new arch villain terrorist, has broken into CTU to free last week's arch terrorist (all important characters survived the attack on the terrorist staging area last week), and Naseri lucks out and not only frees his target but scoops up John in the process.

The stakes have swung back to the highly personal - save Rebecca's husband - from the mass destruction of the concerted terrorist attacks, though some of that could still be in the works, too.   And speaking of personal, events are now drawing Nicole even closer to Isaac (they almost kiss).

Back to Jack Bauer, his tattered love life was always a staple of the original show.  My guess is we're on the way to seeing Eric's end up the same way at the end of this season.  But you just never know with anything that has 24 in its title, and I'm looking forward to the concluding episodes of this season, and to another to follow next year.

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