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Monday, March 20, 2017

Homeland 6.9: The Tide Begins to Turn

The tide finally began to turn - at least, a little - in tonight's riveting episode 6.9 of Homeland.

After weeks of things going from bad to worse for Saul, Carrie, and Peter, and Dar coming out on top, we finally get the Iranian guy leaving his phone on, as treacherous Dar turns him over to the Mossad as his payment for helping Dar.   Fortunately for our side, Carrie's at the other end of this open line, records what she's hearing, and this is enough to get the President-elect to see the truth about Dar - after she was about to hand him complete control of the CIA and who knows what else in her new administration.

And Peter, at top of his espionage game even though he's still physically disabled, pulls off the feat of getting Dar on the phone with the assassin who killed Astrid.   This puts Peter on the trail of this killer.

And, just for good measure, Max gets himself into O'Keefe's false-news purveying operation - which made me think, I sure wish we had someone like Max on the case vis-a-vis the combo of Russian hackers and right-wing zealots and Central European entrepreneurs all of whom had and still have a hand in spreading fake news and acrimony in reality, not in Homeland, in own country.

But not everything is going so well, especially not for Saul, who's future is now in the wringer with the Solicitor General telling the President-elect that the only way to get Dar is to bring him down for what happened in Berlin last year - the mess in which Saul is also implicated.

When Saul protests going down this road to Carrie, she's sympathetic, but tells Saul, next time don't schtupp a Russian mole, to which Saul, not missing a beat, replies, that's rich, coming from someone who did that to a suicide vest.   It was the best line of the evening, but Saul's quick rejoinder won't get him out of this - at least, not without Carrie fully on his side and with her head totally in the game.

Which means: should be some good episodes ahead.

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