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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Humans 2.7-8: Universal

A great season 2 2-hour finale of Humans here in the U.S. on Monday night, which featured all kinds of powerful developments, including
  • Karen becoming a single mother.   I'll really miss Pete, but this is a good development for the story.  Especially moving is the last scene with Karen and the boy, and how his achievement of sentience stops her from driving into roiling water.
  • Renie turning out to be a human girl, mimicking a synch.  This was a nice touch, unexpected, and worked well against Sophie's emulation-of-synch story.
  • Leo losing the digital part of his brain.  This will make him 100% human, an important turn, unless he or someone figures out to reinstall the digital component.
  • The synch-free town, and Joe's moving to it, was another nice touch, and a logical step in the story.
  • The conclusion of the Athena and her daughter story was immensely moving, and provides good material for future seasons - how will this disembodied AI relate to all of our synchs?
But the master stroke was the resolution of the Hester story - how she threatened the Hawkins family, how Mia sacrificed herself to stop that, how Niska was needed, though, to finish the job - and, most important, how all of this led to every synch in existence now achieving sentience.

This already had consequences for our heroes - Karen's boy becoming sentient - and it opens up an infinite number of possibilities for next season.  Our synchs will no longer be unique.  That already began to happen in Season 2, but this will be opened full throttle, everywhere, in Season 3.  Humans is an outstanding series, highly recommended to anyone who likes Westworld or any kind of robot fiction.

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