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Monday, October 11, 2021

American Rust 1.4-5 Tightening Noose and Fraying Relationships

Catching up with my reviews of American Rust, which continues to be one of the best shows now on television, right up there with Mare of Eastham and Your Honor from last year.

Episodes 1.4 and 5 saw the noose tightening around Billy.  Despite Del's best efforts, he's hauling Billy off to custody at the end of 1.5.  At least Billy has a chance to shave and get his hair cut by his mother Grace, though I think he looked better beforehand.

Lee's best effort to help also reaches a dead-end, at very least we don't know what she told her would-be lawyer after she (the lawyer) informed Lee that she'd have to choose between her brother Isaac and Billy, because she (the lawyer) couldn't ably and ethically defend both.  And however that conversation ended, Lee's situation regarding Billy only got much more difficult with the unexpected arrival of her husband from New York.

It's still not completely clear (as indeed it shouldn't be) what happened inside that mill where the former cop  Novick was killed.  Billy punched him, Isaac hit him in the head with a pipe, but we still don't know if that was the cause of death.  I'm still betting on Bobby Jesus -- but, how did he do it?  Go back to the mill after Billy and Isaac left, and hit Novick in the head, in the same place, again?  I can't quite see that happening.  But I still think Jesus did the deed.

I also wanted to mention that I think Steve (played by Rob Yang) is a great deputy to Del, one of the most savvy and loyal I've seen in a deputy on television in a while.  Del has his demons, and though he fights to keep them in check, he's not always 100% successful.  Plus loves he loves Grace, and therefore understandably is quick to want to protect Billy.  He's lucky to have someone like Steve at his side.

Last, for now, I hope we and Isaac haven't seen the last of Jojo (Nicole Channel Williams).  She's good with and for Isaac, and though I get that Isaac realizing that Jojo was not really talking to Zoe shattered the illusion that Jojo was working so hard to project, I'm hopeful she'll see the wisdom in continuing her partnership or whatever it is with Isaac.

And I'll be back here continuing next week with a review of the next episode.

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