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Thursday, October 21, 2021

CSI: Vegas 1.3: Three Especially Enjoyable Facets

Another good episode of CSI: Vegas -- 1.3 -- I'm thinking I'm going to review every episode.

Among my favorite segments tonight:

Sara and Gil:  Gil has some kind of land sickness condition -- happens when you spend so much time on a boat, and then switch back to land.  Sara tells Gil she's going nowhere, "you can lean on me".  A really nice statement of her love and commitment to Gil.  And in the coming attractions, we see Gil concerned about something concerning Sara -- I hope the source of that concern is professional not personal health.

David Hodges:  The planted evidence would invalidate multiple thousands of cases David worked on, and a judge helped raised the ante by saying the fate of all of those cases would be decided in one trial.  So if David's found guilty, we can expect a massive crime wave in Las Vegas, and likely across America.  Given the real increase in crime in our off-screen reality due to the pandemic, the last thing any place in America now needs is yet another spike in crime.  One hopeful development: the neighbor's dog that the bad guy killed had enough blood on its teeth to provide (via the new sophisticated 2021 CSI tech) a general ID of the guy: middle age, Hispanic.  So that's helpful.  But so far, finding helpful evidence in the David Hodges case is like pulling teeth (sorry!).  That's good news, though, for the narrative.

The Case of the Week (Maxine, Joshia, and Allie):  Hey, I'm getting to like the new crew, and tonight's case had some excellent elements.  We've all heard about the magic of three-dimensional printing.  I didn't know, though, that it could print up a convincing face mask, so that the person who wore it could pass as someone else.  Actually, I don't know for sure if that can be done in our reality -- which in turn raises the very interesting (to me) question of what part of the science in the new CSI is science fiction?

Well, we have the rest of the season to find out.  I'm looking forward to it.

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