Wednesday, October 13, 2021

La Brea 1.3: Descending into the Maelstrom

A good solid third episode of La Brea on NBC tonight, in which Levi, an accomplished pilot and old friend of Gavin, with a real relationship to the family, flies into the sinkhole.   The plane is engulfed in flames and [spoilers ahead ...]

Levi survives!  This in itself changes everything.  The people stranded in 10,000 BC have a way out.  The only problem is how can the people in their future and our present know about this -- know that Levi survived and therefore there's a way out?

Gavin's visions, or course.  But the question remains: will Dr. Sophia Nathan believe him?  Well, she already believes in Gavin's visions enough to take him and them seriously. But will she risk another mission and another pilot sent to the past?  My prediction, she might if the pilot is Gavin.  And if she doesn't, Gavin will somehow get a hold of a plane.

Meanwhile, the most interesting thing that happened in the past is discovering the dead guy with a modern shirt or sweatshirt in the cave.  This flat-out means that our cast of characters were not the first to be sucked into the sinkhole.  Or, if they are, maybe there's another sinkhole not too far away.  The shadowy figure we saw in an earlier episode is not an extra-terrestrial, but someone in or close to our present who traveled to the past.

The past itself, by the way, continues to be fun.  I especially liked the giant sloth at the beginning of the episode -- it did take the candy bar and the food that the cop in the past assembled, but it didn't cause any big harm, and thanks to Eve everyone enjoyed some mushrooms known as chicken of the forest for dinner.  Of course mushrooms have none of the protein of chicken, but they're probably a lot better for you then a candy bar.

Anyway, I would have put the sloth in the title of this review, but it didn't really work with the Poe reference.  I'll keep it in mind, though, for future reviews, and  I'll be back with one next week.

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