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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

La Brea 1.5: The Letter and The Resemblance

A good La Brea 1.5 tonight, with the best at the end with the letter.  (Queue up the Box Tops.)

The letter -- from Eve -- traveled from the past to the present the hard way, second by second, in a bottle, which could also be considered the natural way.  And it (of course) arrived at a most propitious time: the tear in the sky (as in rip, but it's emotionally also a teardrop from an eye) is closing.  Dr. Rebecca Aldridge carefully explains to Gavin that this could be his last chance to rescue his family from the past.

By the way, speaking of Rebecca, I noticed a resemblance between her, and the woman leading the band of people (presumably at least some are from our present) who confront our heroes back there/then.  Her name is Paara.  Their pictures are on either side of this paragraph.  The are played by two different actors (Rebecca by Ming-Zhu Hii, Paara by Tonantzin Carmelo), and clearly are not the same person.  But they resemble each other.  Coincidence, or are they related?

La Brea continues to be an intriguing series.  At times it almost seems soap opera-ish.  It has its share of trite stories, like the drug dealer waving his gun around in the past.  But the series has a profundity glinting below the surface, and I'm enjoying the ride.

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