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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

La Brea 1.4: Expanding Horizons

Well, I predicted last week that there was more than one sinkhole than just the one in La Brea and Gavin's special vision would show him that Levi was alive after his plane seemed to burn up in the La Brea sinkhole, and I was right.  I was also figuring that La Brea would continue to be a series worth watching, and I was right about that, too.

We indeed learned in La Brea 1.4. that there was more than one sink hole, including one in Mojave.  Sophia's associate, a new character, knows all about it, and she's ready to have her special plane take a trip back 12,000 years, despite Sophia's reservations.  I hope she takes Gavin along -- on the other hand, if Gavin goes, who can tell the people in our present what's happening back then?

Not much in the prehistoric monster catalog in this episode, though some kind of big, underwater snake did do its best to pull Riley under.  Fortunately, Levi dove in and shot the snake, freeing Riley.  Must have been one effective shot, underwater, a feat we alas didn't get to see.

The drug story in the past is trite, and doesn't add much to the narrative.  But the expanding number of sinkholes has real possibilities.  How many of them are there?  How long have they been there?  How long have we known about them?  Who is the "we" -- are the sinkholes just in California, all across America, all across the world?

La Brea clearly has the makings of a rich science fiction series, and I look forward to cashing in as a viewer.

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