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Sunday, October 31, 2021

American Rust 1.8: Finally, Some Hope

It was especially good to see the superbly acted, dire American Rust 1.8 tonight because, finally, a ray of hope.

Let's get right to that: Isaac is on his way back to tell truth about what happened to the corrupt former cop: Isaac killed him to save Billy from the cop, who was about to kill Billy.   Bobby "Jesus" had Billy in his grip, after Billy had decked the former cop.  If Isaac can get that truth to the authorities, Billy could get out of prison.

Pretty big "if," of course.  The season finale will have to deal with all kinds of things if the season is to have anything resembling a happy ending:

  • Isaac has to get from Nebraska, somewhere close to Wyoming, to western Pennsylvania.  That's a long trip indeed. (Although I suppose the money Isaac took from his benefactor could buy a plane ticket.)
  • We left Dell tonight on the verge of going after Bobby to kill him.  Grace certainly won't forget that mission.  So Isaac has to be back in town and talking to the right people before Dell does his worst to Bobby -- who certainly deserves it, but Dell's soul is unlikely to survive such an action, even with Grace's love.
  • Billy needs to survive in prison -- a place where who knows which guard is in league with the Nazis.
  • And just for good measure: will Dell or Steve realize that Grace set the fire to home?  Why else would she take the pictures with her?  Dell might well forgive and forget that.  But would Steve?
Lots to be resolved next week, and I'll be back here with my take on this finale to one memorable season of a series.

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