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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Hightown 2.3: Dinners and Almost Dinners


Dinners and almost dinners played major roles in the excellent episode 2.3 of Hightown 2.3 tonight, amidst other good and evil things.

Actually, the only complete dinner was at Ed Murphy's house, but he, his wife, and Jackie and Leslie got in some good conversation.  And it was a pivotal scene, literally, because it captured Jackie between the two worlds she now inhabits: fish cop and cop.

The almost dinner in which Frankie bates Ray, who bunches Frankie, and et cetera et cetera was also pivotal.  Although Renee later professes her love and devotion to Frankie, including that she never felt a thing for Ray, he was just a mark, it's crystal clear that she had and still has feelings for him that run strong and deep.  Although she might have good different reasons for not wanting either Frankie's or Ray's baby, I'd bet money that the baby is Ray's.

And then there's the something to eat that Alan said no to having with Ray.  But that was the same scene in which Alan agreed to let Ray back on the case at hand.  Which would be putting away Frankie again.  This is a crucial step for Ray.

Other things I especially liked: Donna preferring the bar work to Stop and Shop.  (She might of said it last week too, and this was on the "previously on".)  But, yeah, my wife and I have been in that Stop and Shop countless times, and it's quintessential Cape.

And last but not least, Jackie and Leslie, not at Ed's house.

Right, but no need to say more about that.  See you here next week with my review of 2.4.

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