Sunday, January 6, 2008

CNN To Rebroadcast ABC Debates Tonight - Sticks It To Fox

Tonight: CNN will rebroadcast last night's Republican and Democratic ABC Presidential debates. This is a brilliant move for several reasons:

1. The debates were among the best so far. The Republicans often look as if they they're on life support, but we were as lively as I've seen them last night. All of the Democrats were fine. See my analysis last night.

2. CNN's move sticks it to Fox, which is hosting a rump session of the Republican candidates tonight - with a shortened field of candidates that excludes Ron Paul. Bizarre and inexplicable and outrageous, given Ron Paul's 10% showing in the Iowa caucuses.

Anyone who missed the debates last night would certainly do much better to watch them on CNN tonight than look at Fox's sham.

Frankly, I saw the debates last night, and will likely watch CNN, anyway...

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