Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High Point of Dem Debate in Las Vegas: Hillary Says Bush is Pathetic

A very satisfying debate among the Democratic big three - Clinton, Edwards, and Obama - on MSNBC in Las Vegas tonight, with the best line delivered by Clinton. She volunteered that Bush going to Saudi Arabia to see if the Saudis might help keep our gasoline prices down was "pathetic".

It's not that I like to see name calling. But sometimes a single word perfectly nails a feeling. It certainly is one that I and countless Americans now have. The President's management of our foreign and economic policies, both singly and together, has indeed been pathetic.

Obama and Edwards were good, too. But it's becoming increasingly clear that Hillary is the best Democratic debater. Obama's medium is the political speech, not the debate. And Edwards seems - I don't know, too one-dimensional in his debate tone.

This does not by any means indicate that Hillary will get the nomination. Performance in debates is just one of several important factors in winning nominations and general elections. Obama's inspiring speeches, and his resonance with JFK, will continue to be very significant assets in this election.

But it's gratifying to see Hillary Clinton command that stage. She may not only be the best Democratic debater, but better than any of the Republicans, as well.
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