Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Night at the Polls: Dems and Repubs in Nevada, Repubs in South Carolina

Some short takes on the results of today's three caucuses/primaries:

1. I'm less interested in Romney winning the Republican caucus in Nevada than I am in Ron Paul coming in second. Support him or not, that's a powerful, additional rebuke to Fox News, ABC News, and all other mass media that have derided and belittled the support for his candidacy. Still waiting on Fox News and ABC News, in particular, to apologize to the American people. (Fox News: you excluded Ron Paul from the debate in New Hampshire. He came in second in Nevada today. You still have nothing to say?)

2. Hillary won in Nevada, but she and Obama are still just about the same in delegates. One candidate who is not the same is John Edwards - coming in with 4 percent of the vote in Nevada. That's a remarkable drop for someone who came in second in Iowa. Although there is a lot that I like about John Edwards' candidacy, I think America would accomplish something truly revolutionary with either a woman or an African-American in the White House that we would not with John Edwards.

3. I'm glad McCain won in South Carolina, if only because his win was just desert for the disgraceful political campaign Bush's people ran against McCain in 2000. But there's more than that. I'm glad Huckabee lost. Sorry, he's very likable - but he doesn't believe in evolution. (Ron Paul doesn't believe in evolution, either, but that doesn't let the arrogant media off the hook.)
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