Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Trouces Clinton in South Carolina

AP called it a "routing" - whatever term you use, Barack Obama is on his way to a big victory over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina tonight, currently leading by more than 20% in the vote.

What does this tell us?

1. Bill Clinton's nasty attacks on Obama failed. My advice to the Clinton campaign: save Bill's attacks for the Republicans.

2. Obama scored 50% of the young white male vote, and did great, in general, in college-age voting. This was the same part of the population which propelled Obama to victory in Iowa, and which did not come out in expected numbers for John Kerry in 2004. If Obama gets the nomination, and continues to inspire younger voters, this may well be enough to get him to the White House.

The next big event for the Democrats is of course Super Tuesday on February 5. As I first said here back in late December, I will be voting for Obama in the Democratic primary in New York on that day.

And I'll make a prediction: I expect that on Super Tuesday, Obama will win enough delegates in the many states that vote on that day to make him close to unbeatable for the Democratic nomination for President.
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