Sunday, January 27, 2008

Further Evidence That Mitt Romney May Be A Cylon

I present the following as a concerned citizen in addition to the 10 factors I reported to you here on 6 June 2007:

11. My wife just heard Romney refer to a "people who will always be the hope of Earth," in a speech he was delivering in Florida today.

12. Romney spoke about "three-dimensional chess" in the Republican debate in South Carolina on 11 January 2008.

13. Romney talked about a patient going in for "repairs" in the Republican debate in New Hampshire on 5 January 2008.

14. There is a least one high-level operative in Romney's campaign staff who looks and talks almost exactly like Romney, and is a not a member of his family. Trust me, you'll recognize this guy immediately next time you see him on television. (There's a photo of him in this post.)

15. Romney seems to have acquired a new facial expression, serious, slightly pained, in the Republican debate in Florida on January 24 - you can see it at the beginning of the YouTube clip below.

16. The now famous "he raised taxes" whisper in the January 24 debate - here's the YouTube clip

Here's a piece that was published in Rolling Stone about this "mystery". It's certainly received the most amount of attention of all the Cylon incidents I have chronicled...

I'll continue to keep you posted, for as long as I am able...

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