Friday, January 4, 2008

Fox News and ABC News: Missing the Lesson of Mike Huckabee

I'm looking forward to the round of Presidential debates this weekend, but still can't get over the gall - and slap in the face of the American people - of ABC and Fox News not including some of the lower-tier candidates.

In ABC's case, the most egregious dis-invitation comes to Dennis Kucinich, who will not partake in Saturday's debate. For Fox, it's been accorded to Ron Paul, who is barred from the Sunday debate.

The situations are different. Kucinich is doing much worse in the polls, national and locally, than Ron Paul - who got 10% in the Iowa Republican caucus. But both candidates offer points of view - the most outspoken against the war, to cite one example - that Americans deserve to hear, and these media have no right to exclude from the debates.

Are the memories of these media giants so foggy, or are they so unable or unwilling to learn from recent history, that they forgot that Mike Huckabee, winner of the Iowa Republican caucus, was not much ahead of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in the national polls a few months ago?

The lame explanation usually given for excluding candidates is time - not enough of it to accommodate all of the candidates. To which my wife just said, as we were talking about this issue, why not just add another hour or whatever is needed to give all candidates a chance to talk.

It's worth it, isn't it?

After all, it's only our democracy at stake...
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