Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wire: Season 5 Episode 2: The Great, Dangling Conversation

Ok, enough politics and political parody for at least this hour. Let's get back to the heart and soul of Infinite Regress: television! As in series on TV! As in The Wire! It's good for you!

Now, I saw the second episode of this final season of The Wire as soon as it went On Demand, on HBO. That would be Monday. And I was going to wait until after the regular HBO showing this Sunday to talk about it .... But, hey, you only live once, it's too good for me to wait any longer to talk about, so, here it is, with a spoiler warning:


You'll be in for a treat. Avon Barksdale is back in the game! Ok, he's still in prison, but Marlo comes to talk to Avon, 'cause Marlo needs some help with some Greek or Russian (the crooks involved in the dock business from the 2nd Season), so Marlo comes to seek Avon's help.

Now, sure, I wished it was Stringer. He was the ultimate brains of the Barksdale crew, but Avon is no dummy, and, in fact, he always saw some things even more clearly than Stringer, since Avon was not complicated by the intellectual complexity that Stringer brought to every decision. It would have been great to have Idris Elba back on the screen as Stringer, but, hey, Wood Harris as Avon is fine, too.

I won't go over the details of the conversation - it was actually two conversations - but Marlo is certainly willing to pay Avon $100,000 for his help. And this is far from settled. I predict - easy prediction - that only one of them will be left standing by the end of this final season.

The other good thing about this episode is what McNulty is willing to do to get the cops focused again, after the budget-mandated cuts of last week. Let's just say maybe McNulty is watching Dexter....

No, he's not a serial killer, but ...

See ya next time!

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