Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ron Paul Polling 9% (4th Place) in Iowa - Fox Excludes Him from New Hampshire Debate

Shame on Fox News for diving to a new low in its election coverage. With Ron Paul surging to nine percent or higher in the Iowa polls - putting him in fourth place among the Republican contenders, tied with Fred Thompson, and closing the gap with John McCain, currently in third place - Fox News decides there is no room for Ron Paul in this weekend's New Hampshire debate?

In the sad sweepstakes of which mass medium has done the worst to our democracy and its election process in the past year, ABC News has led Fox News, in particular in its denigration of Ron Paul. But Ron Paul will be appearing in this weekend's ABC debates. Leaving Fox in the disgraceful position of the network demonstrating the most contempt for our democracy.

This election will be remembered in history for a variety of reasons. Among them will be the way some of the mass media - in particular, Fox News and ABC News - betrayed their crucial role in our society to report the news without bias, to convey the events in an election rather than shape them.

Whether Ron Paul eventually wins the Republican nomination or not - and today that certainly looks like more of a possibility than ever before - his mistreatment by mass media such as Fox News will be long remembered. Excluding any candidate from a debate, let alone one in fourth place, is a move worthy of Pravda and no American medium.

If I were Rupert Murdoch, I would fire whoever it was who decided to exclude Ron Paul, and replace that person with someone who has a slightly better understanding of democracy.
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