Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wire Season 5 Episode 4: One Down

BuddyTV has a piece about the current, last season of The Wire showing a loss of viewers - all I can say is, those missing viewers don't know what they're missing! This season of The Wire is superb.

Take, for example, Episode 4, which will shown later tonight, and which I already saw On Demand.

SPOILERS FOLLOW ***************************************************************

We're treated to an almost totally unexpected execution at the end - but the best kind, dramatically, because it makes perfect sense in retrospect.

Marlo apparently has been cleaning up his act as per Prop Joe's encouragement - becoming more "civilized," was Proposition Joe's word - and this has involved working better with the Greeks on the docks, and reaching all to all sorts of people (including Avon Barksdale).

As Omar begins to loom again in the show, with a handful of likely targets, Prop Joe tells his nephew that he's going to take some time off - Prop Joe can feel the grim reaper too close for comfort.

McNulty and the press and the politicos are doing some fascinating stuff, too, but the real story in Episode 5 is Proposition Joe.

It all comes to a head in the last few minutes, in which Prop Joe warns his nephew to be careful about Omar, the nephew says Prop Joe needn't worry about that, the nephew leaves the room, and -

In walks Marlo, with Chris walking in behind Joe, and Prop Joe is killed in one of the most intense scenes in the series. Marlo almost expresses a tenderness as he instructs Chris, with a nod, to blow Prop Joe away...

And I couldn't help thinking: There are three short prequels which HBO has put up on its On Demand menu. One for Prop Joe. One for Omar. And one for McNulty and Bunk...

These prequels are great little gems. I sure hope they're not prequel epitaphs...

R.I.P. Prop Joe - played to a tee by Robert F. Chew

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