Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A DA (Not Really) and a Democrat (Not Really) Address the Republican Convention

Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman addressed the Republican National Convention tonight.

Thompson was a Senator a decade ago, but he's best known for more recently playing a New York District Attorney on Law and Order. He did dismally in the Republican presidential primaries earlier this year. He gave a good biographical speech for McCain tonight, but what sticks most in my mind is his swipe at Obama for giving speeches from teleprompters (this comes from an actor) to please America's critics overseas. So much for not attacking an opponent's patriotism, Fred.

Next, we have the strange case of Joe Lieberman. He actually won the popular vote for Vice President, along with Gore for President, as a Democrat in that election of 2000. Had not the Supreme Court unconstitutionally stopped the recount in Florida, Lieberman might well have become Vice President then.

As a science fiction writer, I couldn't have a written a better alternate history than what we saw at the Republican convention tonight. Lieberman, who according to most accounts was McCain's original first choice as VP running mate, addresses the crowd and praises not only McCain, but Sarah Palin, who is indeed the Republican VP candidate. Lieberman says he's doing this as Democrat, based on his long association with McCain - ok, but has Lieberman also had a long association of working with Palin?

Lieberman also lied - saying that he knows of no time that Obama reached across the aisles and worked with Republicans on anything important. Could Lieberman have forgotten about The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (which requires full disclosure of all organization receiving federal funds), of which Obama and McCain were primary sponsors, along with numerous other Senators of both parties, including ... Joe Lieberman?

But politicians often exaggerate to the point of deception. What strikes me most about this evening is the other-worldly quality of Lieberman up there on that Republican stage. I wonder - if he taken office as VP in 2001, and if he was finishing his second term as Democrat in that office now, would he have also addressed the Republican convention tonight as a long time friend of McCain?

Stranger than fiction ... a night of impostors at the Republican convention.

And I'll be make with more tomorrow ...

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