Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pat Buchanan Shows His True Colors to Chris Matthews

Just on Chris Matthews's Hardball on MSNBC:

Chris Matthews says the media are not wrong to want answers from Sarah Palin and the Republicans about Palin's political record.

Buchanan's response: "They don't owe you a damn thing, Chris Matthews."

So now we see in full blaze what most of us already knew: Patrick Buchanan is the same Republican hatchet man he was with Richard Nixon, with the same contempt for the media and democratic process he has shown on and off throughout his career.

The Republicans are so drunk on the what they see as the success of their VP last night, that they think she and apparently McCain are now above the press, which asks questions of candidates on behalf of all Americans.

At last this election is shaping up for what it really is: a contest between the Democrats, who want to extend and enhance our democracy, and the Republicans, who want to limit it at every turn, beginning with their attack on the media.

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