Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.2: Firing on All Cylinders

Excellent second episode of second season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight - with action in all areas of thought, emotion, and, of course, action...

Among the highlights -

1. I really like Cameron this year - more multi-dimensional. Although she's recovered from the exploding car, and gotten back her override, there's more to her than the lingering suspicion that she could go bad at any instant. Her brush with death has made her more human.

2. John is starting to hook up with a girl at school. Don't tell me she's a Terminator, I won't believe it, and I'll be disappointed. It would be far more interesting to see them have some kind of relationship, with Cameron jealous, Sarah concerned, etc.

3. Sonya Walger's back as Charley Dixon's wife. Now, if they could bring on Charlie Pace and Desmond ... But, even so, it's always good to see Sonya/Penny.

4. Speaking of shoutouts, good to see Paul Schulze on the show tonight - aka Agent Richard Garrity on Journeyman, Ryan Chappelle on 24 and Father Phil on The Sopranos. Alas, Schulze's character on Sarah Connor had the same fate as Garrity on Journeyman and Chappelle on 24....

5. Back to Charley - good scene with him and Agent Ellison...

6. And Sarah gets exposed to radiation - which may or may not be what ultimately kills her. Nice can't avoid your fate touch there.

This season is off to a better than last year's, and is already firing on all cylinders.

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See also 2.1 Cameron's Back

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