Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's Family is Not Relevant; Her Complete Lack of Experience Is

Just a note to say that I think Sarah Palin's family is not relevant to her campaign for Vice President, even if she and the Republicans hypocritically try to make family values an issue.

What counts is how a candidate has performed in prior office.

In the case of Sarah Palin, that record is insultingly thin, and utterly insufficient to be a heartbeat from a 72-year old President. Palin has no national experience, and her administrative experience in a state with a tiny population has almost no relevance to being Commander in Chief or head of anything in the United States.

That McCain and the Republicans would choose someone with such lack of experience is the most frightening part of this whole campaign. It bespeaks the contempt McCain has for the American people, and, indeed, the office of the President.

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