Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.3: Who Truly is Agent Ellison?

An excellent Sarah Connor Chronicles last night - Episode 3 of Season 2 - with the power that comes from the death of an important character.

I've really enjoyed Sonya Walger's work as Penny in Lost, Carolyn in Tell Me You Love Me, and Michelle Dixon in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But Tell Me You Love Me is no more, and now we'll have to wait for Penny to turn up again in Lost. Michelle got killed by the Terminator Cromartie last night, in a taut kidnap plot that came perilously close to getting John, and had some of the best action so far in the series. Indeed, only the Terminator incapacity to swim saved John. Not that Cromartie drowned - he just eventually walked up to shore out of the water. But when he and John were in the water, and John pulled broke away, John was able to swim to safety.

Long range, however, I thought the most interesting part of 2.3 was the conversation between Agent Ellison and Catherine Weaver in her office. Catherine apparently is a shimmering T-1001 - so, what does she really want from Ellison? This plays into the question of why Cromartie spared him.

The obvious answer that Ellison can lead the Terminators to John doesn't seem sufficient - they don't seem to have too much trouble finding John on their own. Ellison may play some role in the creation of Skynet - but, that would be nothing so earthshaking, either.

I'm thinking Ellison must play some role that we haven't figured out as yet. Or, perhaps Ellison is himself a Terminator - one which, like the unrevealed Cylons in Battlestar Galactica, doesn't know his true identity just yet....

There probably are lots of reasons we've seen in the last season which don't support this hypothesis. But I figured I'd just put it out there...

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