Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Cheers for Rachel Maddow!

U.S. News and World Report reports that "The ratings for MSNBC's newest news show host are wildly impressive. Last week, her second on the air, Rachel Maddow pulled ahead of Larry King and even bested Keith Olbermann's Countdown a couple of nights."

I'm delighted, and not at all surprised. Maddow shined when she filled in for Olbermann in the summer. She's less abrasive and pompous than Olbermann (and, for that matter, Chris Matthews) and therefore her presentation and opinion pack more of a wallop. There's nothing like the truth softly spoken - you don't need to scream it.

Maddow's been having some difficulty getting Republicans to talk on her show. Perhaps they think that if they ignore her, she'll quietly go away. It's more likely to be the Republicans who will be going away, as their contempt for the media and need for a vigorous press puts the Republicans further at odds with the American people.

I liked Dan Abrams, was sorry to see him go, and therefore was prepared to be irritated by whoever succeeded him. Just the opposite is the case with Rachel Maddow. Her hour on MSNBC is a breath of fresh, rational air, and her approach to politics and critique of authority is something Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of.

Good for MSNBC for putting Rachel Maddow on the air. And, on the same subject, I'm also glad to see that MSNBC has at last banished its boring doc-block to weekend, where it least it does not take away from essential political coverage, which viewers need to see even in the middle of the night.
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