Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fringe 4: The Eternal Bald Observer

Tonight's Fringe - Episode 4 - was the best so far. A capsule from inside the Earth, the most important character development so far of Walter and Peter, Anna gets a call and more from the not deceased-as-we-know-it Scott, and most of it is tied together by a bald chronicler.

The opening scene is pure television gold, as the observer awaits the re-appearance of the capsule in a Brooklyn dinner. There's something about that bald observer - he not only takes measurements, but seems to have been watching most of the science fiction I have seen and read over the years, either in or just beyond the scene.

Tonight we find out, at the end, that, years earlier, he saved Walter and Peter from drowning, and as a result (presumably), they can communicate thoughts somatically - or just through touching. This has the effect of scotching Peter's plan to leave - which, of course, we knew he could not, for that would have undermined the central plot of the series, but it was good to see, anyway.

Fringe continues to pull into its centrifuge a veritable compendium of classic, 1950s or so science fiction themes. At this point, various kinds of extrasensory communication, lives after death, observing visitors from somewhere, strange skins and cicada-like capsules, and enough more that I'm definitely interested in finding out what's behind this.

-Yours truly, the slightly bald observer

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