Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Can McCain Protect America with a Totally Inexperienced Vice President?

I thought John McCain's speech at the Republican convention was the best of his career. His life story is moving, and I believe him that he wants to protect America.

But I'm truly wondering: how can he protect America with a Vice President who has no foreign policy experience whatsoever?

I'm wondering, if I were a Republican, or an American less impressed by Obama than I am, and not sure whom to vote for in this crucial election, and I was moved McCain's speech tonight, and I wanted someone with his experience in the White House....

What would happen to the country if tragedy struck this 72-year-old and he died in office? What would happen to all his noble intentions then?

The Presidency would be in the hands of someone with zero foreign policy experience - someone picked by John McCain from obscurity to be just a heartbeat from his position.

The choice of VP running mate is the first truly Presidential decision that a would-be President must make.

Barack Obama chose someone with ample foreign experience. Joe Biden, in fact, has more foreign policy experience than just about any Senator in America.

And whom did John McCain choose?

If I were an undecided American, or even a Republican, that would be more than enough to make me think twice, and not vote for him.

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