Monday, September 15, 2008

Finale Beginning: Weeds 4.13

I'm rarely surprised by any twists on television - I even predicted the flip to flash forwards at the end of Lost Season 3 - but tonight's ending of the 4th season of Weeds brilliantly caught me off-guard. I definitely and delightedly did not see it coming...

Nancy is about in as desperate position as she's ever been in. Esteban's people kill Till's partner, after he identifies Nancy as the informant. Till, heartbroken and livid, tells Nancy he will hunt down and kill all of his partner's killers and their loved ones and gang - including Nancy, if she makes Till take the "long way" to find them, i.e., does not tell Till who is behind this, if Nancy knows.

Meanwhile, Esteban's henchman shows him a photo of Nancy and Till. Esteban wants to send a car to pick up Nancy. She offers to drive. She tells Esteban she loves him.

Why on Earth is Nancy driving to her certain death?

There's lots of other good stuff that happens with Nancy's family and friends ... but all pales in comparison to what happens with Nancy, so I'll stay with that.

She's now in Mexico with Esteban, who still loves her, but is sad, because he knows he has no choice but to kill her. Nancy tries to deny that was she was Till's informant. Esteban puts the photo of Till and Nancy on the table.

Nancy reaches into her bag ... and produces a photo of her own.

She pulls the ultimate card in a game she otherwise was sure to lose.

It's a sonogram ... she's pregnant, with Esteban's baby. And, just for good measure, she tells him it feels like a boy (he has two girls).

Had she been planning this is as insurance for a while? Did she know she was pregnant, and that's why she knew could get away with informing Till?

We'll find out next season, but ultimately it's all secondary to the one transcendent truth about Nancy: she always survives, because she's brilliant, and knows how to bring every part of her life into play.

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