Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Should Reject McCain's Call for Postponing Friday's Debate

John McCain just called for postponing Friday's debate with Barack Obama, so that McCain's attention can be fully devoted to helping with our economic crisis.

I hope Obama rejects McCain's call for what it is: an attempt to take a breather from the campaign, because polls are beginning to turn against McCain, because he clearly is now on the wrong side of the two main issues facing our nation - Iraq and the economy - and because Sarah Palin is far from ready to debate Biden in the VP debates next week (it would take her years to get ready).

The economic crisis is not something that needs the direct, in-person attention of either McCain or Obama. Their job, as Presidential candidates, is to explain what they would do to fix this, to make sure it doesn't happen again, to the American people.

Given that McCain's policies are to blame for our current crisis - as well as our problems in Iraq - Americans can well understand why he would not want to debate Obama at this time.

I doubt that many Americans will be fooled by this ploy.

BREAKING NEWS: 4:47PM: Obama just said that he thinks the debates should go on - that this is precisely a time when the American people need to see what he and McCain would do as President. Good!
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