Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.4: Meet Allison

A really tender, wrenching, revealing episode 2.4 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight, as we get to meet the human being who served as the template for Cameron.

Meet Allison, alive in the future in which machines are on the verge of exterminating the human species. She's captured, and questioned.

Meanwhile, back in 2008, Cameron is still not quite herself - again - and this time she recalls Allison being questioned. In fact, she repeats what Allison is saying, as the action cuts back and forth between Cameron in our present and Allison in our future.

And Cameron seems to forget that she's a Terminator. She's showing emotions - much as she did before John saved her in the first episode this season - and she's conspicuously nonviolent.

Both parts are of course played - and very well - by Summer Glau. In our present, Cameron tells her questioner to call "her" - Allison's - mother, who is pregnant with her. Her mother doesn't (yet) know any Allison, but says she likes the name - a nice little time loop, of the future making something happen in the past, which already exists in the future.

In the end, Cameron snaps out of it - regains her "normal" personality and awareness of who she is. But is she really ok? Back in touch with her Terminator self, she says her job is to hunt down John Connor - does that mean the override has been short-circuited again?

We know, sadly, that Cameron is a killer. In the future, she kills her human model, Allison - though I'm hoping that, maybe somehow, Allison survived...

And a fine mixture tonight of heroes and villains - which, as fate would have it, was also the theme of tonight's Heroes...

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